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Our Story


This is Us

Hi there! We are Kate and Caleb. Our lives are quite adventurous at the moment. Caleb and I have three kids ages five and under. We are currently “Tiny Living” while building our own home, Caleb is commanding a National Guard unit while we raise our vivacious babies in the Texas Hill Country on a "mini-farm" :) We are two best friends (First met at ages 6 and 9) who fell in love with a product that I originally bought JUST to support a friend. My first Hubalou worked so well within the first few uses that I came down our stairs of our home and told Caleb, “Babe! This is IT!”. Fast forward a couple of years and I find it profoundly funny that this down to earth, low maintenance woman owns THE classiest, most effective thing in hair care! Weird. :)


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I love my Hubalou towels. I honestly can’t imagine an adventure my heart wants to take me on without one. It’s why it makes me the perfect spokesperson for the product - conviction! I am not a salesperson. 9 times out of 10 Caleb and I will encourage anyone to save your money! But we have ZERO heartburn about selling you a Hubalou. It works. It has so changed the way I think about and treat my hair. 3 babies in 4 years left me pretty desperate to hang onto every strand I could and now I am constantly honored with the compliment “I haven’t seen healthy hair like yours in years!” by every stylist that has trimmed my hair since shortly after I began using it. I could easily be categorized as a minimalist, I deeply value getting the most for every dollar, and I simply can’t live without it. I mean, i suppose I could. It would just stink! I honestly haven’t seen my blowdryer in almost 2 years. I hardly know what I’d do with the hot rollers or flat iron under my sink?! But I sure know where every Hubalou I own is located. 

Caleb and I are so excited about the future, but we recognize that we simply would not be here today without the abundant goodness of the Lord in our lives, and the COUNTLESS hours spent by the Founder and Creator, Sarah (And hubby, Kenny). We will be forever grateful!

I feel confident you'll enjoy our products and we look forward to serving you! Thanks for stopping by, 







Hubalou beginnings

Hubalou began out of a need for a product that I wanted but that wasn’t available. I had recently visited my hair stylist and that particular day he pointed out the natural wave he saw in my hair. We both agreed we should see what kind of curl was really there and I was amazed at the curly mess of hair I had! My first question was, “How do I do this at home?” He responded that the first thing I should do was to dry my hair with a t-shirt instead of a terrycloth or microfiber towel. He explained that these towels acted like VelcroTM with my hair, pulling on delicate strands and creating frizz before I even had a chance to style. To my amazement, the t-shirt worked! The only problem was I felt like I was destined to be wearing a t-shirt as a hair towel for the rest of my life. I wanted something pretty, functional and that was actually made for haircare. But there wasn’t much available. There was one, lone product and it was a pain to use. I needed something simple, beautiful, easy to use and it had to work. No gimmicks.

I began testing fabrics and sizes and stumbled upon bamboo fabric on sale and the bargain shopper in me had to try it. It had remarkable properties that I hadn’t experienced with other fabrics. The bamboo was very absorbent but didn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or over-dry in spots. And it left my hair feeling soft. I loved the fabric so much that I re-ordered – but the fabric I loved wasn’t what came the second time. The first order was a “mistake” but turned out to be the happiest accident! Now we have the most versatile hair towel, the Hubalou Wrap Hair Towel. And through testing with family and friends I realized it was more than just a towel for curly hair. Thin-haired people loved the volume it gave, thick-haired people had less heat dry time, and brittle hair saw a significant decrease in breakage. I even use it to wrap my baby in after bath, fold and use as a bandana bib and even clean the tv screen! The list of benefits this hair towel can offer seems endless.

Although we’re not missionaries in the traditional sense, we still give back. And Hubalou is no different. Through our Hubalou mission 10%+, our goal is to give 10%+ of our profits to organizations that support basic human needs.





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