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Some of our good words:


Hair type: Curly, thick

"Thank you Hubalou! I'm very happy to finally have a product for my long thick curly hair that doesn't cause frizz like towels do, create limp curls from air drying or take too long to dry (experienced from using old cotton t-shirts). Hubalou gave me big frizz free curls and a ton of body all over. I instantly received a ton of compliments from my coworkers when they saw me after the first time I used it."
- Tina, Austin, TX


Hair type: Curly, fine

"The grey hair on this head is soft, soft, soft! My hairdresser was so impressed she has inquired about the towel."
- Becca, Austin, TX 

"I usually wash my hair and just let it air-dry. Hubalou takes just the right amount of moisture out of my hair so that it dries nicely without disturbing my waves. I will never go back to using a towel or t-shirt!"
-Lori, Austin, TX


Hair type: Coarse, brittle

"Loved, loved the material. It was so gentle to our hair and it left our hair feeling very soft without the extra lint that comes from a regular towel." 
- Cheryl, Boston, MA

"I really love the fact that my hair stays on my head and I don't find any in my towel. It's the best thing ever for my hair!"
-Akpene, New York, NY


Hair type: Coarse, thick

"I love this styling tool, the quality is the best! The color choices and packaging are beautiful! After using the Hubalou my hair feels softer!! As a former hairstylist, I would recommend the Hubalou to everyone. its perfect for salons, spas, stores, shops and gyms! What a great gift too."
- Cindy, Round Rock, TX


Hair type: Straight, fine

"I use my Hubalou wrap everyday and I love it! I can wrap my hair up after I jump out of the shower - chase my kiddos around getting them ready - and when I finally get back around to doing my hair it is just the perfect dampness to still style it and go. Not too dry, not too wet. Love it!!!"
- Michelle, Georgetown, TX

"I love my wrap! I love the texture of it and how well it stays in place on my head, no falling off like towels!"
- Becky, Leander, TX


"I love the wrap! Since my hair is fine, it breaks pretty easily with a normal towel. I can feel a significant difference after using the wrap. It's smoother and actually feels fuller without having to blow dry it. This is a wonderful product!"
- Ashleigh, Leander, TX

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